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RTH Clothing & Apparel is designed for the critical minds, the informed researchers, the brave ones that are not a part of the mainstream herd. Never underestimate the power of a planted seed!


Vaccines cause adultsSee more

Let’s share the truth, simple as that! Studies have reported that 54% of American children currently suffer from chronic illness despite being fully vaccinated…

I am the parentSee more

We designed this for all the brave parents that had to witness vaccine injury happen to their children and we are hoping it creates a spark and opens the eyes and minds of others. We will customize it for you for free.

My People PerishSee more

My people perish from lack of knowledge! Like puppets on strings! An amazing & eye-catching puppet design on one side, and a lot of research information on the other side. Plant a seed!

Flu Shot ? I think not !See more

If you’re annoyed like us by all the bribery and corrupt marketing of the toxic flu vaccine, you’ll love wearing this shirt. Three facts about the flu shot: Ineffective, dangerous and fraud.

Flu shot anyone ?See more

Three facts about the flu vaccine: Ineffective, toxic, fraud. Nice edgy design on the front, side effects on the back.

We were SeedsSee more

They tried to bury us but they didn’t know we were seeds. #wedid No Silence. Strong Statement Design




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