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Believe Mothers

Dedicated to all the courageous moms that do everything to keep their children safe and protect their health, mothers that made tragically sad experiences, mothers that spend a lot of time to educate other parents. #BelieveMothers #MamaBears are fierce, brave and informed!

Not Conspiracy

The truth is not a conspiracy. #bebrave
xxx Censorship won’t silence us! xxx

Support Medical Freedom

Stand up against Medical Tyranny! Designed for all 50 US States with the state outlines and current flags on the front. Paraphrased quote of Thomas Jefferson printed on the back. #idonotconsent #medicalfreedom

Welcome to Pharmerica

The most medicated country on Earth. The destructive US Healthcare System is designed make AND keep people sick, chronically dependent on their drugs for survival that merely masks and smother symptoms rather than cure or eradicate the root cause of disease. #bigpharma #deathcare


Injecting poison into your body has never been a smart idea! Amazing full-print design with newspaper cutouts from past and present. #vaccineingredients #mercury #heavymetalpoisoning

Like Sheep

Ignorance is a disease. No questions, no research, mindlessly repeating what they’re being told… Blindly following the herd, no matter where it leads to. #herdmentality #sheeple

Vaccines Cause Adults

54% of American children currently suffer from chronic illness. The average age for childhood cancer diagnosis is age 6. The autism rate is at 1 in 36 children. If your children are fortunate enough to survive vaccination, then yes: Vaccines cause adults, chronically sick adults. #vaccinescauseadults

My People Perish

My people perish from lack of knowledge! Like puppets on strings! An amazing & eye-catching puppet design on the front, and a lot of research information on the back. Plant a seed! #vaccineinjuryisreal #wedid #wakeup

I am the Parent

I am the parent of a vaccine-injured child, available for mom and dad. It is designed for all the brave parents that had to witness vaccine injury happen to their children and we are hoping it opens the eyes& minds of others. We personalize the back print for you without charge. #vaccineinjury #wedid #hearthiswell

We Were Seeds

They tried to bury us but they didn’t know we were seeds. No Silence #wedid #freedomfighter

Flu Shot Think Not

If you’re annoyed like us by all the bribery and corrupt marketing of the toxic flu vaccine, you’ll love this design. Three facts about the flu shot: Ineffective, dangerous and fraud! #vaccinefraud #flushot

Flu Shot Anyone

Edgy design on the front and side effects/adverse events listed on the back. Pharma Companies still want you to believe that injecting toxins into your body gifts you with perfect health when the actual opposite is the case. #flushot #reaper

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